Presenting at the Eighth Italian Congress of Econometrics and Empirical Economics

Attending ICEEE 2019 in Lecce, Italy

I will be attending ICEEE 2019 conference in Lecce, Italy where I will present my paper Exchange rate uncertainty and import prices in the euro area on Friday, the 25-th. My talk will take place in Room 3 of Building 6 (Campus Studium 2000) in the session from 14:30 to 16:10.

I have created a calendar .ics file which mimics page 3 from the program. You may import it in your calendar app and add the Rooms to the sessions that you want to attend. The events have no notifications by default.

Download the .ics here.

After you have successfully imported it should look like this:

Program overview for ICEEE 2019

Boris Blagov
Boris Blagov

My research area is applied Macroeconomics, particularly using cutting edge mathematical models to analyse economic relationships and create better forecasts.